Veterans & Military Services

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VA Educational Benefits

Veteran and Military Services provides educational student support services to veterans, military and and eligible dependents. Our office strives to ensure services that enable our military students to focus on their education goals. Our office works closely with other departments on campus to provide as many resources as possible.

Tuition Assistance (TA) Educational Benefits

Students wishing to use tuition assistance must get approval from their specific military command. TA cannot be used in conjunction with other VA benefits, to pay for the same class. If student shave questions about using VA benefits and TA benefits, contact Veteran and Military Services for clarification. Students should also be aware that use of tuition assistance benefits can affect the Financial Aid package. If students have questions, they should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid to determine any possible issues.

Student are responsible to upload their required documents to their military commands for TA approval. Once approved, students should inform Veteran and Military Services of any changes to classes submitted (add/drop). TA will not be billed until approx 19% of the semester is completed (per military policy), so payment will be later in the semester. Students should budget accordingly. Once the semester is complete, grades will be submitted to DOD by Veteran and Military Services. The student will be responsible to their command if there is a class failure or discrepancy that results in repayment.

Academic Advising

Veteran Advocacy

  • Student Veterans Of America (Ole Miss Chapter): working to continually improve services for student veterans
  • Assist veterans on how to navigate issues or concerns

Veteran Counseling

  • Student Counseling Center has dedicated veteran hours for walk-in appointments
  • 10 week Mindfulness Training for Veterans (approved by VA) each semester