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All documents must be TYPED, all signatures must be WRITTEN

Required Documents Checklist

The checklist has FIVE required documents listed below for students to have VA Benefits certified.

All forms must be typed and turned in at one time for the initial term. After the first term, only turn in TAF and Schedule for each term the student wishes to use benefits. If students change their major, they must provide required forms 3 through 5 (see below), plus the Change of Major form to update their file in the VMS Office.

Download VMS Checklist Here

1. Certificate of Eligibility 

The COE shows eligibility for VA Benefits; a printed confirmation number will serve as a placeholder if you have NOT used VA Benefits at Ole Miss previously. Students must provide the confirmation page to begin the certification process, and this confirmation page will stand for ONE SEMESTER only. Students are required to turn in a COE after their first semester of benefits at Ole Miss. YOU MUST PROVIDE A COE AFTER YOU PROVIDE A CONFIRMATION NUMBER.

Visit to apply for a COE or transfer benefits to Ole Miss.

Download the Obtain a COE PDF for further information.

Only required to be turned in once.

2. Statement of Understanding 

Read the entire document, provide a written signature, date, and return only the top page.

Download the Statement of Understanding PDF

Only required to be turned in once.

3. Student Information Sheet

Type information.

Download the Student Information Sheet PDF

Only required to be turned in once unless any information has changed (address, phone number, major, etc.).

4. Curriculum/Plan of Study

Provide a curriculum or plan of study for your degree program.

Changes of Major will require the Change of Major Form, a new Student Information Sheet, an approved schedule, and a new Curriculum Sheet.

Only required to be turned in once.

5. Term Approval Form and Schedule EACH SEMESTER

Turn in typed TAF with a written signature, printed MyOleMiss schedule.

Must be typed and printed by the student, signed and approved by both the student and the student’s academic advisor, and advisor must initial the yes or no box for each class.

The TAF and schedule must be turned in EVERY SEMESTER the student wishes to receive benefits.

Download the Term Approval Form PDF

Change of Major Form

Should you change your major, please fill out this form with your new Academic Advisor.

You will need to bring the Change of Major Form, a new Student Information Sheet, curriculum sheet, TAF and schedule to the VMS office to update your file. The VA only pays for classes associated with your major, so the student must provide these new documents to confirm a change of major to ensure the VA pays for classes.

Download the Change of Major Form PDF


DD214 Member-4

This allows us to confirm your Veteran status to make you eligible for Early Registration.

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL YOUR DD-214. Ask your academic advisor to perform a secure document exchange, or fax the document to us. EMAIL IS NOT A SECURE FORM OF TRANSMISSION.

Only required to be turned in once.